Antonella Canonico and Gabriele Rossi

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The discoveris of genetics, nanotechnology, psychoneurophysiology and Artificial Intelligence will radically extend our life-span: in the near future humans will be able to reach the "semi-immortality". This is the main thesis of this multidisciplinary essay, first published in Italian in 2007 and now available in English.

Will we uncover someday all the laws governing the universe? Will we be able to describe the functioning of complex systems, such as the human brain? The authors argue that all the necessary tools for these achievements will be soon available: if humans alone cannot accomplish the task, artificial minds will help us completing the project.

The integration between genetics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and psychoneurophysology will not just improve our knowledge of the body, but also help us developing strategies to fight aging.

Singularity is near: we are at the edge of an unprecedented change, the dawn of a completely new era. The exponential development in technology and science is getting us closer and closer: the book aims to popularize the main discoveries that drive this process and the results of thirty years of multidisciplinary research made by iLabs.

It is crucial in this perspective to appreciate that science and technology are not by themselves sufficient: to finally attain the goal we need a coherent view of our existence as individuals and societies. Attaining Semi-Immortality will require massive changes in the way we understand morality, justice, economy and any other part of our eveyday life.

Antonella Canonico and her husband Gabriele Rossi explain their vision in a stimulating and provoking journey through science, technology and philosophy: the research agenda and all the projects involved are carried on by iLabs, founded in 1977.